Just imagine having affordable quality housing with low utility bills, pure water, low mortgage, and a job all rolled into one!
Announcing "Green Communities" !!

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"A Shovel Ready Solution for our Worldwide Food, Water and Energy Shortages"

PUREFOOD GROWERS OF AMERICA LLC (PFGA) feels we have the ultimate answer to an unprecedented global food, water, job and energy crisis now looming on the immediate horizon as well as a fossil free way to generate electricity.

With unheard of water shortages in California,Texas, Australia,the mid- west, Mexico, Mid-East, China, India and throughout the world, as well as continuing oil price increases, we're sure our country as well as many others will appreciate this unique food process and energy generation we've fined tuned, time tested and developed over some twenty odd years.

We can deliver many different varieties of contaminant free ( no pesticides ) produce every 30 days or less, using little if any fossil fuels whatsoever and with 1/10 of the water now used in normal agriculture.

With our proprietary equipment, we have the ability to light up small town America, decent sized factories, college campuses and many small towns and villages throughout the USA, Africa, the Philippines, Caribbean, etc. while cleaning up many of their existing, horrendous landfill dilemmas. The key word here is sustainable.

Our products contain up to 52 minerals essential for optimum health and our system readily overcomes food production problems such as the rising costs of water, fossil fuels, land exhaustion and diminishing farmlands.

Locally Grown and Pure

Pure Food Growers grows some of the purest most nutritious produce on the planet in greenhouses. Our produce is clean, and completely free of chemical pesticides and herbicides, and grown with 52 minerals. It is competitive in price with field grown produce, and “better than organic”.
We specialize in growing produce for prepared bagged salads, ready to eat complete meal salads, EMA juice bases (Electrolytes, Minerals, and Antioxidants), and culinary and medicinal herbs. Crops such as alfalfa, rice, melons, coffee, pineapples, citrus, and others can be grown in field channels designed for open field growning, or in modified greenhouses.

Our greenhouses are a combination of innovations and new technologies. Growing conditions are maintained at optimal levels in greenhouses with renewable energy sources. The irrigation water is purified, free of contaminants and mineral rich. By re circulating the water, we use far less water than traditional field grown crops. Our production is sustainable and pollution free. Crops are grown and processed "every month" and continually year round.

Go To GREEN from the Grid

We will build our greenhouses next to city markets where products will be delivered within hours of harvest each month and year round, and at prices competitive with seasonal, and usually imported field-grown crops. We invite qualified joint ventures and partnerships.



Special Note               

For a specified period only, we are seeking Qualified Joint Venture Partners for selected areas.  We provide a complete turnkey operation.  You can be a silent partner or be totally active in the day to day operations of your business.  For complete details and more information please call 508-944-0193 - ask to speak with Gerry Gouthro.